Welcome to P.O.P. Class!!!


What is P.O.P.?

P.O.P is a class that helps you choose your career. pop stands for "Personal Orientation Project" it was a course originally for secondary 4 students but has been changed to a secondary 3 program. You do research on different careers that interests you what they do in that field and then you decide if that career is right for you.

P.O.P Wiki is a project that we will be doing to make people understand what we do and learn in this program. We will explain how to create:

1. Personal profile

2. How to write journal and blogs

3. How to find jobs

4. How to write job application and where you can find these programs in schools.

You will learn about communication and team work and how you act when you are at work. you will learn how to set goals, write a C.V and cover letters, and everything you need to know about jobs.

P.O.P is a very useful class, not like other classes. everything you learn you will be using it in the future. it is not a waste of time. every pop class is an intense class you always do work on the computer. by doing many career explorations every student in pop is a digital student.

What is a digital student?

A digital student is someone who works on the computer all day long. They get their information on many websites. They enjoy writing all their work on the computer instead of on paper. They are basically on the computer every day.